VJ Angus Stud Herd

VJ Angus Stud Herd

is situated in the highlands of the Eastern Cape, on the farm Glenfinlas. The area is rich in biodiversity and blessed with abundant water resources. The commercial herd was mainly Black Angus and through the appendix system the herd was upgraded to a registered, mainly Red, Angus Stud Herd.

  • It is a range based operation and grain is only supplemented to animals that are to be marketed.  The herd consists of approximately 500 mother cows with 80% being Red Angus and 20% Black Angus.

    A typical VJ Angus bull

    A beautiful head – on imaqe of a Red Angus bull

  • Extensive artificial insemination otherwise known as AI is practiced with genetics sourced from all over the worldSemen is imported from Canada and USA mainly. 
  • About half the calves that are born are sired by AI bulls and the other half by home-bred bulls out of imported sires.  
  • Mating is done in November, December and January with home bred bulls turned into the females for the last month.
  • Calving percentages are high as the selection pressure is relentless.  Cattle that do not perform under these conditions are culled to make way for ones that do.
  • Spring is an exciting but busy time at Glenfinlas – we have a massive spring flush and the arrival of new calves.  The herd is moved back onto natural veld just before Christmas when the bulls are introduced.
  • The herd has received regular awards for fertility which is such an important trait in beef production.

Cows calve down at the end of winter which is always extreme, long and cold. Cows with calves are run on perennial pastures to give them a good start after the harsh winter and make it easier for heat spotting. Weaning takes place in April and a number of lower performing bull calves are marketed to the feedlots.

The calves are all source verified and go through the Certified South African Angus Beef programme. Bulls are constantly assessed and those that make the grade are sold at two years old on the Annual Production Sale held on the second Wednesday in September every year.

70 bulls and about 20 females are sold using the video auction format and a further 20 bulls are sold off the farm throughout the year. Every year at least one new sire is tested and evaluated – and with the large gene pool at their disposal some exciting things are happening!

VJ Angus is a classic range  operation – not a university experimental station or a boutique breeding farm. These are working class cattle that have resourcefulness and self – sufficiency.

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