Wagyu Cattle

Wagyu Cattle – Japanese beef

Recently a Wagyu component has been added. After a visit to Australia in 2006 we decided to breed a few Wagyu cattle. A bull was purchased and mated to Angus cows.

Tessa, being in the food industry, had indicated that Wagyu was becoming increasingly sought after and that we should maybe breed more. We therefore decided to pursue the idea of a purebred herd and embryos were implanted to start up the Wagyu programme.

The herd currently consists of 120 females and 6 bulls.Steers are sent to the well known Wells Meatery near Alexandria, where they are processed and marketed in Port Elizabeth, and all around the Eastern Cape. Some of this superior product has found it’s way to Johannesburg and Cape Town.

A little bit of background:

  • These particular cattle are of the Black Wagyu or Kobe beef variety.
  • They are famed for the incredible marbling of their meat which makes for a mouthwatering experience – steaks literally “melt” in your mouth!
  • Because of their use in early times (draft animals and pulling ploughs) they tend to have larger forequarters and smaller hindquarters than most beef breeds.
  • Growth rate is relatively slow but the meat produced is of the finest to be had.

Similar to other Stud cattle the Wagyu Breeders Association maintain strict control over their breeders in order to be able to guarantee  that the Wagyu is purebred.